If you are looking for banqueting halls in West London, chances are that you are planning to host your wedding reception, throw a large party for your child’s graduation, host a reunion or celebrate any other occasion that calls for a friendly get-together. Or perhaps you are organising a corporate event on behalf of your organisation.
Whatever the case might be, the point is that you will have several guests coming in from different places who will be staying in the region for at least a few days (especially if the business activities require more than a day, or the wedding festivities continue for quite some time). As the host, it’s important for you to ensure that they not only enjoy the event for which they are actually there but also get some quality time to tour the region and discover places that will make their trip a truly memorable one. Of course, you must not miss on the experience either.
Use the following list of top things to do in West London to help you and your guests navigate the place and have some extra fun in the extra time you have before and/ or after the main event.
1. (Re)Ignite the Love
If the search for wedding venues in London has left you and your partner exhausted, then it’s time to take a break. Head in to one of the many cosy restaurants lining the streets of Chiswick and beyond to have a romantic dinner and reignite your love for each other (and of course, for delicious food as well).
2. Unwind Your Worries
When the air is already thick with emotions and love is in the air during wedding celebrations, your guests will love to go on a leisurely stroll with their significant other on Chiswick’s serene and peaceful streets. Not only will they witness the beauty in nature, but will also appreciate the village-like feel of the district that makes one relaxed with its laid-back style. For a more rejuvenating experience, visit The Cove Spa located on Chiswick High Road and leave your worries behind.
3. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
West London is renowned for its world-class museums. So, as the families leave the wedding reception venue, suggest them to travel back centuries before they travel back home. South Kensington’s Museum Mile offers an enriching experience to both kids and adults alike. The Science Museum caters to the tech-savvy visitors whereas the Victoria and Albert Museum with galleries created around different themes tells you all about the culture in major parts of the world. Focused on fashion, this majestic museum is bound to awaken the designer within you. And if you want to explore over 70 million specimens of various birds, animals, and even minerals, then head to the Natural History Museum in the Waterhouse Building.
4. Be Mesmerised by the Wondrous Wembley Stadium
Do we need to mention that Wembley Stadium is a must-visit when you are in West London?
With more than 150 executive suites and capacity for accommodating almost 100,000 sports fanatics, the Wembley Stadium is a real wonder to behold. Depending on the events taking place currently, you can either watch a match or attend a concert in this colossal stadium. For closer speculation and a deeper insight into what goes on when the players take a break during a match, you can sign up for the Footsteps of Legends Tour. This will take you to the changing rooms, stands, pressroom and even the royal box that otherwise are only accessible to the executives and the players themselves.
5. Visit the Fantasy Fairyland
If you are in West London for touring wedding reception venues and need some inspiration for decorating the banqueting hall, then do visit the Kew Gardens for a truly enchanting experience.
Spread over 300 acres of land and home to more than 300,000 species of flora, the Kew Gardens are prized for their enormous collection of vibrant flowers and various varieties of fresh green plants. Recognised by UNESCO as a world heritage site, the Kew Gardens are definitely a fairyland fantasy come true.
With lakes, pagodas, rock gardens, arches, treetop walkways, and even temples, this magical land will make you wish if you could just ditch the search for wedding venues in London and tie the knot right there instead.
6. Shop Till You Drop
A visit to West London will be incomplete if you don’t drop by at Harrods – one of the largest and most renowned departmental stores in the world.
Stretching over 5 acres on a busy roadside in Knightsbridge, Harrods was first established in the early 19th Century and has now evolved into a retail giant. It offers almost everything that a customer could possibly look for. With more than 300 departments some of which include jewellery, furniture, hardware tools, musical instruments, sporting gear and even a spa for pets, and different eateries, Harrods stays true to its slogan for providing ‘all things for all people, everywhere.’
Needless to say, you need to stop your search for banqueting halls in London and first visit this store for bridal items as well as countless other things that will make you look your best on the event day.
7. Shop and Eat Some More
Whether your shopping desires are still not satisfied or you prefer open roadside markets as compared to upscale shopping malls, you will love going to Portobello Road in Notting Hill.
This centuries-old street market offers priceless antique items that range from jewellery and watches to chinaware and even books. Scavenging the stalls for unique items can leave you famished but Portobello won’t disappoint. There are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can grab a quick snack from or devour a hearty meal if you prefer.
West London is a promising place whether you are searching for the ideal party venues or looking for a fun day out.
Don’t let your search for wedding reception venues hold you back from exploring more of this attractive place.