A lot goes into arranging a great wedding ceremony and ensuring that everything is planned to a T. Whether you hire an all-inclusive wedding venue in London or not, you must check, recheck and then triple-check every minute detail to make sure that it’s well organized in order for the event to proceed smoothly. But despite all the effort you put into the planning, you must expect a few hiccups along the way, or worse still, on the big day itself!
From ripping your dress accidentally to food spills, getting a headache at the worst time and more, there are a hundred possibilities of something or the other going wrong at the eleventh hour. Having a special emergency kit at your wedding will help you deal with any unforeseen incidents and handle any contingency with ease.
Pack the following essentials in a large box or an appropriate bag and bring it along with you to the wedding reception venue.


From treating a dry mouth to keeping bad breath at bay, a pack of breath mints is a must-have in a wedding kit. Chewing gum has a calming effect as it reduces stress levels by diverting your mind from worrying excessively. Throw in a pack if you suspect that you might stress out or panic unnecessarily.

Sewing Kit

A pair of scissors, a few buttons, safety pins, a needle and thread – a well-equipped mini sewing kit is the most powerful tool in every bride’s arsenal for dealing with common wedding day problems related to apparel. There could be some loose threads on the gown, a button on the groom’s coat could fall out, you could rip your dress slightly when putting it on, the list is endless. Remember to include threads that match the colour of your clothes as well as a roll of fashion tape to fix falling hemlines.

Stain Remover

Sprinkling lots of baby powder on an oil stain on a white dress might do the job, but what about other food spills or gown colour? Whether a child smears his greasy hands on your precious gown or you spoil it in any other way, a portable stain remover will come to your rescue.

Baby Powder

Be it the hot weather or the stress of the event itself, you are likely to become a bit sweaty. Sprinkling some baby powder will not only absorb the perspiration but also make you feel fresh and comfortable. Plus, it also helps soothe the itchiness you might get from beads and other embellishments on the dress rubbing against your skin.

Blotting Paper

While you put on a fabulous gown, stunning makeup and up your glam game to truly shine on your dream day, your oily skin is bound to pitch in some help too. To keep that unwanted shine away, you will need a full pack of blotting papers to pat the skin dry and absorb the extra oil every once in a while.

Hairpins and Hair Ties

Women all across the world are quite sure that these two accessories have tiny feet and will run away when you are not looking. No matter how many hairpins and hair ties you buy, they just seem to magically disappear. Carry an extra pack of each hair accessory in your wedding kit in case the hairstylist falls short of them.

Brush and Hairspray

Unless they are invited to the festivities, your hairstylist won’t be around for the entire event. So, make sure you have a comb or brush handy because hairdos often require fixing from time to time. Alternatively, splurge on a good-quality hairspray to ensure that the style stays put.

First-Aid Kit

Hiring a dependable wedding venue in London will prevent major headaches and take the worries off your shoulders, but you might still need some painkillers to deal with indigestion, acidity or the like. Having a small first-aid kit will help you tackle minor medical emergencies that often arise at a wedding party. For instance, you might scrape your neck when putting on the dress, a guest could prick their finger on the rose bouquet, a child could fall down, and so on.

Clear Polish

You may spend big bucks on getting the perfect manicure for your wedding day, but regardless of how expensive or long-lasting your recent manicure was, nail polish is bound to chip off anyway. ‘Nail’ your wedding party by keeping a bottle of clear polish handy. It will help you smooth out smudges as well as prevent chips so that you can take the ultimate ‘ring selfie’ that is simply spot-on!


Lipstick is the one makeup item that will require frequent touching up to maintain its lustre throughout the night. Keep your favourite shade close by or hand it over to the maid of honour so you can swipe some colour easily without having to run to the powder room after every half an hour.

Lip Balm

If you prefer matte lipsticks or experience dry lips too often, carry a good lip balm along. This will keep your lips moisturised and prevent the lipstick from looking uneven.

Earring Backs

You have already found your prince charming, so there’s no need to lose a slipper or an earring. Pack some earring backs in your bridal kit so that if one goes missing, you can still rock those fancy earrings.

Eye Drops

These are a staple if you are having an outdoor wedding in London. Pollen grains during certain seasons can cause severe allergies, including irritation in the eyes. Carry a bottle of eye drops in your wedding kit. They will help make sure that your watery, running eyes don’t ruin your makeup.

Snack Bars

Getting ready for a wedding can work up an appetite. To stop yourself from turning into a hangry bridezilla, have some snack bars readily available so that you can munch on one without spoiling your dress.
It might feel as if you’re carrying the entire departmental store with you to the wedding reception venue, but when something goes wrong, and the need for a certain item arises, you will be thankful you packed it all.