Majority of the weddings in today’s times are an incredibly grand and a luxurious affair in which people spend tons of money on their big day. From the wedding attire and shoes to the food, decor and wedding invitations, everything is top-notch and just perfect.
You spend not just a lot of money on every little detail of your special day, but you also invest so much time and effort into it. Once wedding festivities are over though, what do you with all these details like your dress, floral arrangement, food, etc?
After your big, special day is over, you might find yourself wondering what to do with all these things and put them to good use. The one and only answer to that is recycling. You can easily recycle and re-use all your wedding items and prevent them from going to waste. Here’s how!
Every wedding ends with a ton of extra food left that is untouched and uneaten by the wedding guests. It is quite a shame though to have so much leftover food at your wedding, knowing the fact that there are so many people that sleep hungry almost every day. So, what do you do with so much extra food? You certainly can’t just waste it or throw it away, right? The best way to go about it is to send all the food to soup kitchens or homeless shelters that are there in the vicinity of your wedding venue.
You can arrange this by talking to your caterer and request them to box-up all the leftover food and deliver it to the respective places. There are also special services and organisations that do this and are more than happy to accept donations.
The Wedding Dress
Not many people wish to give up or sell away their wedding dress since it holds such great, beautiful memories for them. While it is perfectly natural and okay to feel such value and sentiment for your wedding dress, it is also important to realize that this stunning white dress will probably never see the light of the day and will be hanging inside your wardrobe, collecting dust and dirt.
There are so many incredible ways can recycle or repurpose this wedding dress of yours. You can give it to someone needy or donate it to a bride-to-be who is getting married soon. This will count as a great charitable action that will bring a huge smile on the receiver’s face and will also make you feel really good from the inside. Another great option is to alter, dye, and tailor the dress and transform it into an amazing cocktail party dress.
No wedding is complete without breathtakingly beautiful floral arrangements and displays. These typically include massive flower bouquets, wreathes and vases with gorgeous, blooming flowers inside. Having spent so much on floral decorations, you certainly don’t want any of it to go to waste.
The best way to make use or re-use the flower decor is to take them home and arrange them beautifully in your garden or inside your house. You can also get the fresh flowers professionally dried and pressed after which the petals can be used as decorative pieces for your wedding albums and framed photographs. Another way is to donate flowers to a nursing home and hospitals and some colour to those stark white and bleak hospital rooms.
You can even ask your florist to take them away and give it to a soon-to-be-married couple if they are needy or don’t have the means to spend too much on expensive floral decors.
Wedding Invitations
Many people spend a lot of money on personalised wedding invitations to make them look really pretty and attractive. A large variety of guests even end up throwing away these invitations because they aren’t like to be of any use for them. If you don’t want them to go to waste, you can adopt quite a few creative ways to re-use those fancy wedding invites.
You can cut them into different designs with the help of stencils and use them as gift tags. Or, you can cut them out into strips and attach it into clear Christmas ornaments as a decorative piece.
Unlike the wedding dress, your wedding shoes are probably going to make a great use to you for future parties and events. However, if you feel like you aren’t going to wear them ever again, it is best to donate them to someone with the same shoe size as yours.
Photo Booth Props
Having a photo booth at receptions and wedding ceremonies has become quite a trend lately that allows people to create beautiful and lasting memories at the wedding through fun and exciting photos. These photo booths often come with a variety of different funky props like string lights, candles, cake stands, hanging lanterns, etc.
If you also had a photo booth at your wedding and are looking for ways to put the props to good use, the best way is to give them to the drama department of any school where students can use the props in dramas and musicales. You can also keep them for your own use as decorations in the house or for fancy parties.
Party Favors
Many couples give out wedding favors at the end of the wedding ceremony to their guests. These are often forgotten or left behind by the guests on the reception tables and chairs and they often end up going to waste. To prevent this huge wastage, you can sell these off to recycling factories or workshop that will turn these party favors into something reusable.
Decorative Centrepieces
Just like flowers, decorative centrepieces in weddings are a must. These typically include fairy lights, flower vases, candles, mason jars, cake toppers, etc. You can both sell them to websites or other people and make some extra cash, or you can follow some DIY projects and turn them into something beautiful for your home decor.
There is also an option to donate them to the needy and to-be-married couples who could just make great use of these decorative items.
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