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Unique Venues for an Unforgettable Birthday Party

ids, teens, or adults, we know the tricks of the trade to cater to different needs and make the day truly memorable for the birthday girl/ boy.
Our team of experts can organise the event exactly the way you want or if you prefer sailing the boat on your own, you can hire the venue only as well.
Get in touch with us today to see how we can bring your birthday fantasies to life. Remember the birthday parties you used to have back when you were a child? Invitations were sent out to friends, classmates, neighbours, and family members, lots of balloons and fancy decorations were put up, a giant cake was ordered, and you just couldn’t wait for the moment when you would get to make a wish, blow the candles, and cut the cake.
If you have reached the point in life where hosting such a birthday party looks quite childish or looks like it might require too much effort, chances are that you have crossed your 20s or your teenage years, at least.
Tackling adulthood is surely not an easy task but that is no excuse to not celebrate your birth day. Everyone needs a break every now and then, and birthdays provide the perfect opportunity for you to relax, unwind, have some fun, and feel special.
And that brings us to our next question: what is the ideal way to go about it?
If you don’t want to host a typical birthday celebration at a party venue in London, there are still plenty of other options to have fun. Whether you wish to celebrate the day alone or invite your closest friends or family members as well, here are some unique venues where you can celebrate your birthday and make it a memorable one.
Shopping Mall
Have you ever thought of shopping malls as a party venue in London? From food and drinks to music and entertainment, shopping malls have it all. So, why not celebrate your birthday at the same place?
Unless you are an impulsive buyer, it’s safe to say that you must have been saving your hard-earned money instead of being a spendthrift. But what’s the use of tiring yourself away at work if you can’t exchange your earnings for something that you have always wanted?
Your birthday is your day. So, pamper yourself as much as you want – you deserve it after all. Go for a spa day, get a manicure, or perhaps even spend on the haircut that you have been delaying for so long. Of course, don’t forget to browse (and shop from) all the different stores and aisles lined with gorgeous dresses, shoes, accessories, and more. If you are too familiar with the shopping malls in your local area, don’t hesitate to drive a bit far. You will be thrilled to explore other avenues in nearby cities. Plus, you get to enjoy a long drive as well.
A Music Concert
During childhood, birthdays are a matter of pure joy and elation as you feel proud of yourself for completing another year successfully, but the tables turn completely once you’ve crossed your teens. Now, you are just getting ‘old’ with each passing year.
Does this sound like you? If you are worried you are becoming too old, then book a ticket to your favourite concert for your next birthday. Invite your friends along, treat yourself to some good music, sway along with the beats, and dance your worries away. Depending on what types of songs you listen to, music can make you feel happy, excited, energetic, nostalgic, sad, or everything at once. If your favourite band isn’t performing anytime soon or there are no concerts booked close to or on your birthday, then hit your nearest club and party nonetheless. Clubs also serve as a great party venue in London as you get to relax and refresh your mind by taking a break from the everyday routine.
The Road
Birthday party on the roads? Well, why not?
Celebrating a birthday at home, in a restaurant, in a proper party venue or other similar places is too mainstream. Give the special day a unique twist by going on a long road trip. Be it your friends or family members, invite the people with whom you would love to spend some quality time. Book a bus, caravan, camper trailer, or any other vehicle large enough to accommodate the guests comfortably and let the journey begin. You can tour the city together or escape the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life and celebrate the day with nature instead. Explore the wild areas and if you can afford the extra time, camp out till the next morning rather than returning home the same day.
Alternatively, you can also book an open bus road tour in London. Let the double-decker bus take you through the most famous sites in the city as you chatter away with friends, enjoying the view from a high vantage point.
VUK Banqueting
If you prefer going with the traditional ways to celebrate a birthday or still want to throw a party even after trying out the unique ideas listed above, then you might be wondering ‘what are the best party venues near me?’
Instead of wasting precious time searching for the ideal locations, head to VUK Banqueting – an exclusive party venue in London.
With a large banqueting hall, state-of-the-art facilities, great services and a lot more, VUK Banqueting is the ultimate stop for hosting an unforgettable birthday party.
We offer great party packages that include delicious food, stunning decorations (including balloons, of course), catering and various other arrangements required to organise an amazing event that will create a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Whether it’s the special day when your little bundle of joy’s finally turning one or a birthday party for k

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