Many people believe that the type of venue you choose for your wedding—or any occasion for that matter— can make or break your event. Keeping that notion in mind, the majority of these people wish to exercise great control, freedom, and flexibility in terms of organising and planning the event.
Such occasions call for ‘dry hire’ venues that allow you maximum control and autonomy over decision making to host a special event. This gives event organisers a great chance to work with amazing locations and turn them into beautiful event spaces with their own choice of decoration, caterers, props, stage, music, and so much more.
If you are looking for excellent dry hire wedding reception venues or corporate venues in London, you first need to have a clear insight on all about such venues. Here is the ultimate guide on dry hire venues that will help you easily choose one for your next event.
What Exactly Is a Dry Hire Venue?
In simple terms, a dry hire venue is one that is like a blank canvas or an empty shell where the client only pays for booking and using the venue space only. Other standard services like staffing, food, music, entertainment, decorations, and drinks are not included with these venues and they are organised externally by the client rather than the venue itself.
Even within dry hire venues, there is a great variety in terms of the services being offered. For instance, some venues do have in-house furniture while others don’t. Additionally, you can expect some venues to tell you to serve cold food items to your guests because they don’t have a kitchen. This greatly emphasises the importance of knowing exactly what to expect from the venue right from the beginning.
The main purpose of dry hire venues is to provide organisers and people with a great opportunity to be creative and take absolute control of the event. Such venues are ideal for themed parties, wedding events, art exhibitions, fashion launches, etc.
Why Choose a Dry Hire Venue?
If you are on a lookout for large wedding venues in London that have dry hire features, perhaps, you ought to know the key advantages and benefits that come with choosing such a venue.
You Have Better Control
When it comes to planning and executing an event, be it a wedding or a corporate one, some people love to exercise control and freedom of decision making. This gives them a chance to bring in a personalised touch to the event and customise it just the way they want. You can also build theme or concept from scratch and work your way up with full control and responsibility.
You Have a Greater Choice of Suppliers
One of the best features of dry hire venues is that they let you choose your own team of suppliers which may include caterers, florists, decorators, etc. This means that the caterer whose delicious food you once ate at a friend’s party or the event planning company whose designs blew you away are all welcomed at these dry hire venues.
They Can Cost Less
There are some dry hire venues that are not too heavy on the pocket given how just paying for the venue reduces all overhead costs. This comes in really handy especially when your event requires a simple indoor or outdoor space without any extravagant catering, music and other things.
Creativity and Style at Its Best
When it comes to all-inclusive wedding venues, for instance, you don’t have much of a choice in terms of music, food, décor, etc. With dry hire venues, it is the complete opposite. You can finally plan and execute the event that you were thinking about since so long the way you want. Make it fancy, creative, rustic, low-key or extravagant- you take your pick. Sky is the limit and you can make the event completely your own!
The Downside of Dry Hire Venues
There are always two sides to a story and similarly, where dry hire venues have so many advantages, they also have a fair share of downsides.
They Demand Increased Responsibility
With great power and control comes great responsibility. While dry hire venues are an amazing option for personalised events and occasions, they can also by physically and mentally taxing. Since you are the one in control and in-charge, you are likely to be bombarded by so many tasks at the same time. This is a disadvantage especially for those people who have little to zero experience in event management and also those who lack in leadership skills.
They Can End Up Being More Expensive
Although some dry hire venues don’t cost much, others are, in fact, really expensive. There are certain venues that are likely to charge you a lot in order to make up for the lost revenue. This can be really hard particularly for those people who don’t have strong connections with different caterers, vendors, suppliers, etc.
Coordination Can Suffer
You being responsible and in control means that you are the one talking to all the florists, suppliers, caterers, etc. You have to ensure that everyone is on board with the time schedule, ideas, designs, etc. This requires a great deal of efficient and proper coordination from your end, unless you have delegated all the tasks to someone else.
It Is All Worth It
As intimidating as dry hire venue may sound, it is actually worth all the efforts and struggles. The result of this sheer hard work will be a beautiful venue space, all decorated according to your liking with everything well in-place just the way you want.
In order for that to happen successfully, you must be crystal clear from the get-go about the kind of event you want to plan and execute. Have a clear vision in your head, communicate it to others clearly and be patient, because patience is the absolute key!
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