Booking the best wedding venue in London requires a lot more than an online search for ‘wedding venues near me.’
First, you need to shortlist the top venues that seem to just click. Then, you need to visit the party venues in person, tour each of them properly, and then compare them diligently before finalising the one that is perfect for celebrating your big day. Also, if you want to secure your favourite spot and avoid any disappointments, then you must start hunting for potential wedding venues as soon as possible.
However, when looking for the finest wedding reception venues, couples are often so mesmerised with the place that they miss out on important details that can make or break their dream day. Having complete knowledge of what’s included in your wedding package is highly important if you don’t want unpleasant surprises at the eleventh hour.
Take a look at the following questions that you must ask a potential event vendor before hiring a wedding venue in West London.
The Fundamental Aspects
• Is the venue available on your preferred date?
To be on the safe side, make sure it is also free on a day or two before and after the specified date. This is because further arrangements like catering, decoration, etc might require you to move your target date (applicable only if you are going for a dry hire).
• Can it accommodate all your guests comfortably?
Make sure that there is sufficient space for the people to move around easily. Also, the seating arrangement and the placements of chairs and tables must leave enough space for the staff members to carry out their respective tasks without becoming a hindrance for the guests of the event.
• What packages do you offer?
Wedding venues in London can be divided into two broad categories: dry hire venue and all-inclusive wedding venue. Dry hire means that the event vendor will only provide the hall and you will have to make all other arrangements by yourself. On the other hand, all-inclusive wedding venues are the trouble-free alternative as the hall vendor will also serve as the caterer, decorator, florist and so on. Many banqueting halls in London usually offer both options so you can decide which option best suits your needs.
• What does each package include?
Going for a dry hire will leave you to your own devices, but it is possible that your event vendor might provide some extra facilities on request. More importantly, regardless of whether you opt for dry hire or all-inclusive wedding venues, you must know the exact details of what is included and what’s not.
• What are the in-house facilities?
In-house facilities include kitchen, restrooms, bar, access to the balcony and/or terrace, garden, parking area and so on. Inquire if they will be available for you and your guests to use or not. Don’t forget facilities like a coat check, security services, private room, high-quality sound system, valet parking and anything else that you might require.
Price and Finances
• Are there any hidden costs?
The party is over and you are pleased that everybody had a really good time. But just as you are vacating the place, the event vendor hands you an extra bill because you stayed at the venue for an hour over your scheduled time. You wouldn’t want such a mood-spoiler, would you? So, make sure you know about such rules beforehand. Also, service charges like cleaning fee, damage to any vendor-owned goods and other similar things can give you nasty surprises if not discussed earlier.
• What about payment?
Needless to say, the total price of the wedding reception venue is perhaps the most important aspect that must be discussed thoroughly. What is the total cost? How much is the deposit? When is the complete payment due? Are credit cards accepted or is it a must to pay in cash? You must also be aware whether the charges differ for different times of the day (some vendors charge less for morning events and vice versa) and whether the deposit is refundable if you cancel the event. Also, what is the last date by which you can make any changes to the plan if required?
Finer Details
• Are there any extra accommodation and transportation options?
Some event vendors have a partnership with hotels in the nearby area which enables their clients to stay in the area at discounted rates. Ask for the same from your vendor. Moreover, ensure that the wedding venue is easily accessible and/ or there is reliable transportation for the guests to use.
• Are there any restrictions?
Some banqueting halls in London might not allow you to decorate the place beyond a certain level or use particular items such as installing extra lights. Discuss this clearly with the vendor beforehand. Plus, if you plan to party really hard on your big day then you must also inquire about bar restrictions and the tolerable music and noise levels.
Discussing these aspects with the vendor will help you cover everything that you must know before booking a function hall in London. If all these points seem too much to take in – well, that’s because they are.
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