Planning and executing a bridal shower for your best friend is an honour that not everyone is bestowed with. Bridal showers in the UK are not as big a thing as they are in the US. But the trend is surely picking up in this part of the world as well. People are searching for party venues in London to organise a great shower for a loved one who’s about to tie the knot soon.
Hosting a bridal shower is both, fun and exciting. However, for someone who’s never organised one before or is new to the concept altogether, it can feel like trying to fly without wings.
Use the ultimate guide below to learn all about bridal shower. This includes the rules and etiquettes as well as tips on how to plan a terrific one.

What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is basically a pre-wedding celebration to honour the bride and spent some time together with her closest friends and family members.
From a traditional point of view, a bridal shower is a women-only affair that is hosted by the maid of honour, the bride’s mother (or mother-in-law) or any of her female best friends. It is normally a daytime event held at home, at a restaurant or even at a party venue depending on the total number of attendees. The guests would bring gifts such as kitchenware and linens that would help the bride set up her new house.
However, times have changed. A modern-day bridal shower can include anyone and everyone. It can be arranged around a theme so guests can gift the bride whatever they like or think will be useful in some way or the other.

Etiquettes of Bridal Shower

Just like any other party, a bridal shower is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and have fun. However, there are certain things that must be taken into account when planning a shower for a bride-to-be.

Who Should Host the Event?

Anyone who loves the bride (or throwing a huge party) can host a bridal shower. Just make sure to coordinate with other friends and family members so that you don’t end up planning two separate bridal showers.

Inviting the Guests

Keep it an intimate gathering with only the closest members in attendance or invite many others if you want to party really hard. Make sure the people you invite to the shower are also invited to the actual wedding. Ask the bride directly or take help from the wedding guest list because it is rude to invite people who will not be a part of the main festivities.

Surprise or Not?

Whether the shower is a surprise for the bride or not, is entirely up to you. Usually, it is better to announce the event as you can then involve the bride in important decisions like whom to invite and what to present to her as a gift.


The ideal time to arrange a bridal shower is about two to three weeks before the wedding or at most, a month prior to the main day. Avoid hosting it too close to the wedding as that will take up valuable time that needs to be spent on other arrangements for the big day.

Sending out the Invites

Invitations to the bridal shower ought to be sent out at least a month before the event date. Include all the important details such as the venue, date, time, and make sure the recipients reply back to confirm if they will be able to make it to the event or not. If it’s a surprise for the bride, inform the guests beforehand so they don’t end up spilling the beans accidentally.

Top Tips for Planning a Bridal Shower

Decide on a Budget

From looking for a party venue in London to arranging food, drinks and more, things can go out of control once you start making arrangements for a bridal shower. To throw an impressive bridal shower without breaking the bank, begin with a well thought-out budget and ensure that you follow it to a T.

Pick a Theme

A bridal shower that isn’t planned around a theme is likely to look quite bland and boring. Show the bride that the event is all about her by picking a theme that reflects on her nature. For instance, if she has an adventurous spirit, arrange a campfire lunch in the wild or if she is a true romantic then adorn the party venue with flowers, hearts and everything pink and lovely.

Make it Special

Whether you are childhood buddies with the bride or met not so long ago, you must know a thing or two about making her feel truly special. Think back to your late night conversations at the sleepover or the fairytale wedding that you used to dream of when you were little. Look for creative ways in which you can incorporate those elements into the shower.

Add Something Extra

Ice cream carts, popcorn vendors, candy or dessert bars always make a fun addition to a bridal shower. They are a foolproof way to spread smiles on everyone’s face. Remember to have them at the venue.

Create Fond Memories

Your best friend’s off to start a new chapter of her life. Wish her well and help her create some fond memories that she can look back to. Hire a professional photographer to capture her smiles during the event. Have the guests write personalised notes for her. Get her a fancy tiara, a satin sash, a glamorous gown or any other thing that boldly declares how truly special she is.

Make it Majestic

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