Your wedding day is probably the biggest event in your life, and it’s a celebration that cannot be compromised. From design and décor, to food and flowers; your wedding should be perfectly aligned with your vision for this memorable occasion. It can be difficult to choose between all the wedding venues available, but once you’ve made your choice, you have the most important aspect sorted out, and you can start planning your big day.
Your wedding venue is often the first place to start, as you’ll need to know what facilities you’ll have available, how many guests can be accommodated, make transportation arrangements, and arrange with suppliers such as florists and DJs to attend your event. Once you have your wedding venue booked, one of the biggest decisions is behind you and you can then focus on the rest of the arrangements for your celebration.
Welcome to VUK Banqueting Suite
At VUK we believe that we can offer you everything you need for your wedding. With a truly passionate team and a whole list of great features, we are one of the best wedding venues around, with a host of benefits for you to enjoy.
Here are 10 of the great reasons why you should choose us for your big day:
1. We accommodate weddings of all sizes
At VUK we can comfortably accommodate up to 700 guests. This means we can handle weddings big or small, and offer you a great venue that can accommodate all your guests. It’s ideal for couples who have large families and want to include all their family members, friends and colleagues in their guest list.
2. You get a dedicated wedding planner
Organising a wedding can be complicated, especially if you are planning a big event with a lot of guests. Let us help you take care of everything, while you sit back, relax, and count down the days to enjoy your wedding. From flowers to music – we have everything covered! We even take care of cleaning the venue afterwards, so you can simply focus on enjoying your big day.
3. We have the perfect location
Located in the heart of Chiswick, we offer easy access to all parts of London. This gives us the perfect location to offer you a convenient, yet private wedding venue for your big day. Our large, modern function hall has the capacity to accommodate a large group of people, with a superb sound system, excellent lighting and a variety of décor choices.
4. We offer safe parking for your guests.
We have safe parking available for up to 270 cars. Your guests will never have to struggle to find parking space and they can enjoy safe parking at our venue. This allows them to enjoy a convenient location, with easy access to your event.
5. Enjoy versatile cuisine.
With great quality food and drinks, our cuisine options are perfect, no matter which type you choose. We have professional chefs available to satisfy every taste bud and offer options for every guest. Whether you have a small or a large wedding, we can handle all your cuisine needs with ease, even if you choose a non-traditional theme.
6. We offer affordable pricing.
Most wedding venues are very expensive and it can quickly eat away at your budget. At VUK we offer a cost-effective venue that has everything you need. We know how important a price tag can be, which is why we are affordable, without compromising on service. We can also include various extra services such as a DJ, a well-stocked bar, and Wi-Fi for your guests.
7. We have all the accessories you need.
Since we are also a complete banqueting hall, we have all the extra accessories you need. Looking for high quality sound? No problem. Need a projector for display? We have you covered. We believe that you should have a one-stop solution to your wedding venue needs, so speak to us about everything you’ll need on your big day.
8. Benefit from proven expertise.
We are locally owned and operated by an established company with many years of experience. We create memorable events for couples in Richmond, Chiswick and London. We approach the organising of your even with care, and discuss your every need while ensuring that you’ll always receive exceptional quality and stellar service.
9. Make it your own
If you want to simply hire our venue and take care of the details yourself, you are welcome to do so. You can arrange your own catering, use your own DJ, arrange your own florist, and even use your own wedding coordinator. We give you the ability to arrange your wedding the way you want to, which is why we are one of the best wedding venues in London.
10. We offer great security.
Security and privacy is always important when it comes to celebrating your wedding. At VUK we have fully licensed security, CCTV cameras, and even a metal detecting unit. This is all to ensure your peace of mind, and the safety of your guests. We take security seriously and want you to be able to enjoy your big day with peace of mind.
When it comes to choosing between multiple wedding venues VUK Banqueting Suite is the perfect choice. With the ability to offer you a large venue, secure facilities, ample parking, a wide variety of cuisine, and the ability to choose almost any theme you want, we truly offer value for money and a great backdrop to enjoy your special day. You can easily book a viewing to come and see for yourself what you can expect for your wedding.
For more information about our great wedding venue, visit us online or contact us directly at 07939 200453 to find out how we can host your perfect day.