Searching for wedding reception venues, choosing a theme, finalizing the menu, deciding on the decorations, picking out a fabulous gown, and making a million other arrangements can no doubt tire you out.
If you are planning to tie the knot soon, it goes without saying that you will spend a lot of time and energy in ensuring that your special day proves to be a really memorable one for everyone in attendance. But when it’s time to pick wedding favours, you are likely to be so exhausted that without giving it a second thought, you will end up ordering just about anything in bulk from an ordinary gift store.
Planning an unforgettable wedding sure takes a lot of effort, but not many couples realise that giving the guests something unique and distinct can make a world of difference.
Handing out wedding gifts is definitely a sweet gesture but what’s the use of such ‘favours’ if they end up collecting dust in a corner or are tossed away in the bin once the reception is over?
Keep your guests talking about your special day long after the event is over by gifting them something creative and practical that will create a lasting impression and remind them of the majestic ceremony every time that they use it.
Here are some great ideas to add that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding.

Garden Seeds

Garden seeds are the ultimate gift item if you want to give your guests something long-lasting and beneficial. Not only does it provide a fun activity as your guests dig up, plant, and then care for the greens, but it also adds beauty to their lawn or home garden. Select varieties that are easy to grow and maintain. You can opt for a flowering plant or even vegetable seeds to encourage them to start a kitchen garden.
If you want your dream day to be cherished forever, then a packet of garden seeds is a wonderful gift that will bear sweet fruits in its remembrance.

Tea Towels

Tea is a staple in every British household, so why not gift your guests a tea towel that they can use to wipe the spills or clean the counter every time they make tea? Alternatively, you can also go for fancy tea towels that they will love to hang on their kitchen walls as a decoration.

Hot Cocoa Mix

If it’s a winter wedding, pack some hot cocoa mix in a presentable style and gift it to your guests to warm their hearts. All you need is some small glass bottles or slender jars. Pour the powder till each bottle is half full and then top the remaining half with fluffy marshmallows. Wrap a ribbon around the bottle for a neat look.

Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps are always a crowd pleaser. If you have got extra time and energy to spare, then consider making them at home. Otherwise, you can simply purchase them online from your nearest store or a local business that might specialise in the same. Buying in bulk will help you secure a good deal. Plus, you can have them wrapped in a fancy style as well.


You spend big bucks on adorning the wedding reception venue with fresh flowers and stunning floral arrangements only so they can be binned once the event is over. Instead of letting those beautiful flowers go to waste, provide your guests with glass or plastic vases so that they can take those fragrant charmers home with them. The delicate keepsake container will also come in handy for future use.

Personalised Items

Personalised items are all the rage these days. Give your guests a customised wedding gift such as a mug or a keychain that will remind them of your wedding festivities every time they drink tea or take their car out on a drive.


These might not last for a very long time, well who are we kidding; they will probably be devoured before your guests even reach their home. But the fact is that chocolates are an all-time favourite gift that never fails to bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Whether you pick the ones commonly available in every other shop or go for more exclusive ones, gifting chocolates on your wedding day is a sure fire way to secure your spot as the sweetest couple in town.

Infused Olive Oil (or a Bottle of Your Favourite Sauce)

If you and your partner are true food lovers, infuse your collective passion for food into the wedding favours as well. Handing out small bottles of olive oil to your guests will promote healthy eating habits and come in really handy whenever they have to dress a salad. You can also gift a bottle of your favourite sauce along with a card containing the best recipes or ways in which to use it.

Handmade Crafts

Whether you have a thing for art and crafts or are just looking for unique ways to add a bit of spark to your big day, handmade items are your best bet. Take the hassle of planning a great wedding off your mind by booking an all-inclusive wedding venue in London and focus your energy on crafting instead.  This could include anything and everything from simple hand-painted ‘thank-you’ cards to framed wall hangs, DIY candles, handmade coasters, and more. If you are good at calligraphy, then you can also customise each gift by adding the initials of each individual recipient or adding your favourite quote and the like. Crafting also serves as a welcome break from all the pre-wedding stress.
So, let your creative juices flow. The sky is the limit, and you can create ingenious wedding favours that will make your event an unforgettable affair.