If you want to enjoy a winter wedding, you have a lot of great options available. Not only do many wedding venues offer discounted rates for out-of-season venue hire, but winter can be a great time to choose from a range of stylishly beautiful themes. With many halls for wedding events available close to London, you can plan the perfect winter wedding this year.
A winter wedding is a great idea, not only because of the beautiful winter themes you can use, but it’s also a romantic and unique time of the year. Sine you’ll be planning for Colder weather, you don’t have to wonder what the weather will do. You’ll have a celebration inside, so you’ll have less stress as you don’t have to worry about alternative arrangements.
Another great benefit is that you’ll have more venue options and better rates. Winter is not a popular season for everyone, so you’ll typically have plenty of available dates to choose from, and very likely a better rate too. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to have a winter wedding. You can choose from a variety of halls for wedding receptions in London, and choose one that works for you.
Winter weddings can be spectacular. You can use a few simple décor ideas to turn your venue into a winter wonderland, or choose theme that is ideal for a colder climate. There are plenty of great décor tips too – and we take a look at a few popular ones.
• Get your winter accessories ready. Winter will be cold so invest in a cape, veil, or a long sleeve wedding dress. If you plan ahead and take the colder weather in consideration you’ll be ready for the colder months and be able to enjoy your special day.
• A velvet blazer for the groomsmen. A velvet blazer is ideal for the groomsmen and it’s a nice and thick accessory that is not only warm and comfortable, but definitely in fashion. It’s a very comfortable blazer to wear and will definitely complement your style.
• Stylish winter footwear. Remember that boots can be a very stylish and practical accessory for a wedding. You can wear them under your long wedding dress, and nobody will know! It’s also a great idea especially if it rains.
• Winter wedding favours. Choose winter wedding favours and accessories, such as sparklers, cookies, candy canes, blankets, and mulled wine spices. they will all add to your winter wedding bliss and ensure your reception looks romantic and inviting.
• Don’t forget your beauty routine. Avoid dry skin or cracked lips at your wedding by moisturising to the run up to the wedding. Use a good face moisturiser and be prepared for the big day.
• Make sure your bridesmaids are warm. Keep in mind that it will be cold, so have them wear long sleeved dresses or cover them up to ensure they are comfortable and warm. They can be stylish and comfortable at the same time!
• Consider your traveling time. Allow yourself and your guests some extra travel time to the ceremony, no matter where you are going. Bad weather usually means bad traffic.
• Add some romance. Candles can be the perfect addition to a romantic atmosphere for your winter wedding. When you look at halls for wedding receptions, take a look at their features, layouts, and ability to host an intimate winter wedding.
• Keep your guests warm. Your guests are definitely important, so make sure they are warm and comfortable inside the reception venue. A simple but nice touch is to offer a warm drink on arrival to get things going.
Planning a winter wedding is not that difficult, as long as you plan ahead and make sure you look at every detail. Apart from finding suitable halls for wedding receptions, you should consider your décor options, and all the accessories you might need. This is a great way to ensure that you set the perfect theme to your winter wedding and that you truly allow your guests to not only enjoy the evening but also be pleasantly surprised by your décor.
Long sleeves and warm clothing doesn’t have to be boring, in fact it can be a great style statement and one that will definitely be a great addition to your décor theme. Winter weddings are a great way to save money, enjoy the perfect theme and venue setting, and save money in the process as well. Winter weddings are slowly becoming more popular.
In Conclusion
A winter wedding can be very romantic. If you are lucky, depending on where you are, it may even snow on your wedding day, making it a wonderland. This will give you beautiful photos and truly something to remember. With winter dates usually being available, it won’t be such a rush to get a date, and you will find a selection of great wedding venues to choose from.
With winter weddings giving you options you simply don’t have with summer weddings, it’s truly unique and you don’t need as much time to prepare. You can choose a winter wedding if you want to get married quickly without a lot of waiting time, as long as you don’t expect popular days such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to be available. Most wedding planners will have a list of venues with available dates that you can work with.
If you are looking for halls for wedding receptions, consider VUK Banqueting Suite. Not only can we accommodate large weddings with up to 700 guests comfortably, but we can also accommodate any winter wedding theme you want. Contact us today to find out more about our wedding venue and to arrange for a personal tour.