If you are looking for a corporate venue in London, then there are several boxes that you need to check off in order to organise the perfect corporate event that will impress everyone in attendance.
Be it a periodic business meeting, networking event, new product launch, an international conference, or something similar, organising a corporate event differs from other event planning in every possible manner. You need to focus on the technological needs and logistical problems while ensuring that the event objectives are met and the guests have an enriching experience.
While event branding, food, decoration, amenities, etc surely play an important role, they will be completely useless if the venue is not appropriate. So, before you start searching for large function halls, take a look at the following things that must be taken into account when choosing a corporate venue in London.
1. Convenient Location
The importance of the location of the event in determining its success cannot be overstated. Whether you invite 50 or 500 people to the event, the venue must be accessible to all. Unless your organisation provides a travelling allowance, potential attendants will consider transportation costs when deciding whether to accept the invitation or not. If attending the event is inconvenient for the employees and it’s possible for them to bail out of it, then be warned that they will!
Also, if you have guests flying in from a distant place, then you must make sure that there’s proper transport available for them to travel from the airport to the venue and back.
If it is a local event, then you can simply search for ‘corporate halls near me’ and explore the top search results one-by-one in detail. And in case you are organising an international conference and still wondering which city is best suited for the purpose, know that London is one of the places everyone is bound to love.
2. Venue Capacity
It goes without saying that you must have a fair idea of the total number of guests you will be inviting before booking a corporate venue in London. Moreover, when selecting a venue for your business event, look for places that have a capacity of more than what you have estimated. For instance, if you plan to invite about 300 people, select a large function hall that can easily accommodate at least 400 people. This allows you to have a spacious and more open seating arrangement that not just provides sufficient legroom for the attendees, but also offers enough space for the caterers and other staff members to move around easily.
3. Technical Factors
No matter what the purpose of your business event might be, it goes without saying a high-quality sound system, proper lighting, internet connection and power outlets at the appropriate spots are a staple. You may spend days in drafting an influential opening speech for the event and deliver it perfectly only to find out later on that you weren’t audible enough. Also, an internet connection is a must as businessmen need to check their inbox and/ or send emails from time to time. You will also need a video projector for the presentation and other activities. Some event vendors might have these facilities in-house while others will require you to bring your own. Take all these factors into account when booking a corporate venue in London.
4. Parking
Your guests wouldn’t know about the parking options until they have arrived already but to avoid earning a bad name you must book a banqueting hall in London that has an ample amount of parking in the vicinity. The hassle of finding a parking spot can be a mood spoiler for many people which can, in turn, affect your event. Plus, if you want the invitees to keep coming back (in case the event will progress for multiple days), then it will be better to invest in a valet parking service as well.
5. Layout, Food, and Beverages
Some corporate venues in London have a minimum limit on all-inclusive party packages which means that you might not be able to opt for this package if, for instance, you invite only 50 people or less. Discuss this with your vendor before you sign the contract.
Also, you must pay attention to how the traffic will flow through your event. If you need to put up signage, banners, or have a registration desk, analyse the venue accordingly.
6. Extra Rooms
Whether you expect your business event to pull in a large crowd or not, another thing to consider when selecting a venue for the same is to go for ones that have additional breakout rooms. They can be your saviour in case there are any last-minute capacity issues.
Alternatively, a well-maintained lawn or any other similar outdoor spaces are some good features that you must look for when selecting a corporate venue in London. They provide the ideal atmosphere for socialising after the event has ended and, of course, serve as an excellent background for Instagram-worthy pictures that will earn you a reputation in your business community.
Organising a corporate event that is guaranteed to be a big hit boils down to one and only one single thing – booking the best corporate venue. And for the best corporate venues in London, look no further than VUK Banqueting.
VUK Banqueting Suite
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In short, our banqueting hall in London checks all the essentials discussed above for selecting the best venue for a business event.
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