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If you are in the mood to celebrate your birthday in style this year, you should start by choosing a luxurious venue where your guests can celebrate with you. This is also what are the first questions to pop up when you decide to celebrate any special event, which is why the venue choice should be first on your list.
Planning a small intimate gathering at your house can be relatively easy to arrange, but if you want to go big, there are various aspects involved to make sure that your birthday celebration is absolutely special. Let’s have a closer look at some of the important aspects when you look at venue hire in London for your birthday.
Choosing the location
When you look at various venues available for your birthday, make sure that you choose one that is perfectly located, close to your home and not far for your guests the travel. The closer you are to the venue, the more likely all your guests are to attend. If you do have a few guests that you expect from out of town, be sure to offer them accommodation arrangements to make it easy for them to attend. When it comes to venue hire in London, VUK Banqueting Suite is the perfect option as we are perfectly located and ideal for luxurious birthday celebrations.
Make sure there is enough space
When you celebrate your birthday, you want to have enough space available for your guests to not only be comfortably accommodated, but also be able to move around and even dance if possible. This is why you should choose a venue that is large enough according to the number of guests you will invite. An outdoor venue might not have as much restrictions in terms of the seating for your guests, but if you have chosen an indoor venue, make sure that you will have enough space available for everyone to be seated comfortably, as well as have a dance floor, buffet table, or anything else that you might need for your event.
Working with a party planner
If you want your birthday celebration to be spectacular, but you are not sure how to organise everything on your own, consider working with a party coordinator. At VUK Banqueting Suite we have professional coordinators available that can take care of your every need. Not only do we have a magnificent venue, but we also have a professional team who can help you plan your birthday to the very last detail. With a professional planner on your side, you will have everything taken care of, including food, drink, seating, music, and decor. Your party planner can also give you a few great ideas in terms of themes and layouts, and will help you to organise your birthday party while staying within your allowed budget.
Choosing the right thing
The theme for your birthday party is also important, as this will determine the layout and type of venue that you will need. Make sure that the venue will be able to accommodate you, and that they will have the decor available to fit in with your theme. When it comes to professional venue hire in London, a lot of venues will allow you to bring your own decorations, and even use your own catering and music suppliers. This gives you a lot of great options and freedom to choose a unique theme for your birthday party.
Is there enough parking space?
Another thing to remember is that your guests will need enough parking space. You need to make sure that the venue you choose have ample safe parking available for all your guests, especially if you will be inviting a large number of people. Visit the venue during the day to get a good overview of the parking spots available and to ensure that the parking spots are safe. Be sure to give everyone easy directions to your birthday venue so that your guests can arrive on time, and easily find the venue.
Choosing your entertainment
Unless you want to take care of everything yourself, find out if the venue can handle your entertainment needs. This can be everything from music, to a live band and more. Make sure that all the equipment you need will be available, or arrange for additional accessories if needed. Entertainment is often essential for a birthday party, as you can plan a lot of fun activities for your guests. This can also fit in perfectly with a theme of your birthday party.
Planning the seating layout
Apart from venue hire in London, you should also consider the seating environment for your guests. This is especially important if you will be inviting a large number of guests as you will need to make sure that they are seated comfortably. There should be enough room for them to move around, and there should preferably be a separate space for a dance floor, a bar, or a food table. Having enough space is a great way to ensure that everybody enjoys the venue.
Setting down a budget
Just like planning any other event, your budget is very important. Take some time to work out your specific budget and make sure that you stick to it as much as possible. You can leave a little room for unexpected extras, but make a list of everything that you will need upfront. This will avoid any unnecessary expenses and help you stay in line with your budget.
If you are looking for great venue hire in London, consider VUK Banqueting Suite. We offer you everything you need at an affordable price, and we will make sure that your birthday party is absolutely spectacular. Contact us today to find out more about our events venue in London.