Kids get to have all the fun. Whether it’s having a life-sized piñata or a giant bouncy-house, they can do whatever they like because it’s their Birthday party and they can cry if they want to. But there’s no need to get upset. Think of it this way, the older you get, the more fun you can have. Celebrate growing up in style by planning the perfect birthday party.

Celebrate Important Milestones

Every birthday is special. But there some which mark the beginning of a new era in your life. Whether you’re finally legal or you’ve reached the big Four O, after every few years you have something new to look forward to. You can get more creative when you’re planning milestone birthday parties.

The 50TH 

Celebrate half a century with the perfect theme. Whether its throwback Thursday and your party (or the party you’ve planned for a friend) focuses on all the memorable things in your life up till now, or you’ve planned something a bit more classic, make your 50th birthday a memorable one. You might be feeling a bit strange now that you’ve been alive for half a century. But kick back, relax, and commemorate your aging in style.

The Big 100

Congratulations on making it this far! You’ve come a long way, and you’ve probably got a lot to celebrate and commemorate. You can get really creative with this one. Imagine giving a speech about important historical events that happened a hundred years ago! Add to that list the birth of the birthday boy/ girl and make them feel special. Put together a list of 100 things that you like about them, or make a video which they can watch whenever they want.
If you’ve been around for a hundred years, think of how long the guest list will be! Make sure you’ve got the right venue so all the people you truly care about can be there with you on your special day.

Plan the Birthday Party According to the Weather

Whether you’re a summer or a winter baby, make sure you plan your party accordingly. You can plan a beach barbecue in the summer, or an indoor event in the winter. Serve up some delicious hot chocolate and toasty marshmallows because you’re never too old to enjoy a sweet treat.

Follow a Theme

We’re not talking about a Cinderella or a race car theme. You can go for something more creative and mature, like a luau or a Gatsby theme. Whether the theme is based on your favourite book or movie or your favourite travel destination, you can go all out. Serve up drinks in coconuts at your Hawaii themed celebration, or have a barbecue with an open grill at a country-side themed event.

Plan Secretively

If you’re planning a birthday party for someone else, make it a surprise. Make sure everyone is in on the secret except for them. Build a theme and choose a location based on what they love and show how much you care about them.

Don’t Forget the Food!

Young or old, everyone loves to eat. Especially if it’s a celebration, you don’t want your guests to get ‘hangry’, you want everyone to have a great time. You can choose a menu that fits your theme or go for something basic, as long as the one who’s birthday party it is likes it and the guests enjoy it. Serve up some nacho hats at your Mexican fiesta, or go for some good old fashioned fish and chips. Whatever you decide on, make sure you have plenty of it, just make sure none of the food goes to waste! And don’t forget to have a decent selection of drinks.

Let Them Eat Cake

Let’s not forget the most important item for your birthday party: the cake. No birthday is complete without cake. And there are endless varieties to choose from! From salty mocha caramel to matcha green tea to the classic chocolate, it’s hard to pick just one. Whether you go for a customized cake with fondant layering or edible printing, or something a bit more basic, make sure that the flavours are the birthday girl/ boy’s favourite.

Party Favours

You may have grown up, but your inner child still loves it when you get a goody bag. You may have liked getting a batman pencil box as a child. Now you wouldn’t mind getting a min box of chocolates, or even some delicious chocolate truffles. The party favours don’t have to be huge, even a small box with 2 truffles, or a scented candle can be a sweet gesture to all the people who came to celebrate your special day with you.

Planning Your Birthday Party in Advance

In order to have a memorable birthday party, you need to plan in advance. This includes setting up a budget, finding the perfect venue, inviting the guests (and making sure they RSVP!), ordering the cake, hiring the decorators and so on. If you’re planning a party for a friend or a family member, make sure you select the food, the theme and the cake according to what they like. After all, it’s their special day.
Whether you’re turning 25 or 75, each birthday is special and should be celebrated accordingly. This is that one day of the year where you don’t need to worry about anything. Just have a great time with your friends, family some good food and drinks (and hopefully some great presents).