All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

So, the question has been asked, the date has been finalised, and you are almost about to book the wedding reception venue as well. But there is one thing that you just can’t decide, dry hire vs all-inclusive wedding venues.

Should you hire only the venue, or select an all-inclusive party venue instead?

The tug-of-war between a dry hire and an all-inclusive party venue is perhaps the most controversial topic in the world of wedding planning that can easily lead you and your partner into the ‘first fight’ as a ‘married’ couple (except that ironically, it’s a fight over getting married in the first place).

Whether you are looking for large banqueting halls in London to host your wedding reception, birthday celebration, business event, or any other party, choosing between a dry hire venue and an all-inclusive party venue can be a tough call.

Dry Hire vs All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

With customised and themed weddings becoming all the rage these, it’s clear why most brides are inclined towards renting a venue only. If this sounds like you, here’s what you ought to know.

While many couples who opt for dry hire are able to bring their dream wedding to life and pull off the event successfully, others face a tough time tackling things on their own. These wedding parties often end up in a complete disaster that you won’t see on ‘Instagram.’ So, if it’s the #weddinggoals photos on social media that are inspiring you to plan your day your way, remember that planning the perfect wedding in a dry hire venue is easier said than done. If you are prepared to shoulder all the responsibilities, then book a wedding venue in London accordingly. Otherwise, an all-inclusive wedding venue in your best bet.

Take a look at the various pros and cons of both options to help you decide which one’s right for you.

The Pros of Renting a Dry Hire Wedding Venue vs All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

Your Day Your Way

Dry hire wedding is also called a blank canvas wedding because it gives you complete control over what you want and how you want it. You can organise the fanciest party ever held, go for a simplistic one, or have anything in between. Want to serve seafood on your special day? Or perhaps pizza followed by your favourite cocktail and ice lollies?

Renting a venue lets you be the master of your own day. From food and beverages to design layout, flowers, decorations, and even cutlery, you call all the shots to bring to life the day that you have dreamt of for so long.

Lower Costs

Compared to all-inclusive wedding venues in London, hiring a venue only can help you save money in various ways. For instance, by buying the drinks yourself can avoid paying the extra amount that event vendors or caterers normally charge for their service. Similarly, you can hire caterers, florists, and other suppliers who offer services at more affordable rates.

More Time Before and After the Event
(Equals More Time To Party)

Dry Hire vs All-Inclusive. If you opt for an all-inclusive party package in a hotel—or even a banqueting hall in London for that matter—chances are you will be pressed for time. This is because such places normally have a very fast turnaround for the next event and are booked back to back. On the other hand, dry hire venues give you sufficient time before and after the event (to set up and clean the place respectively). This also means that if you are having a really good time and want to party some more, then you can extend the hours easily (though this might cost a little extra).

The Cons of Renting a Dry Hire Wedding Venue

Challenging Task

From coordinating with the caterer, florist, waiter, and all other personnel involved to supervising everything up until the end of the event, renting a venue only leaves you to your own devices. First, you need to find the relevant suppliers that meet your needs and ensure they are available on your preferred date and time. Next, you also need to make sure that they work properly so that everything goes according to plan on the event day. Needless to say, this is not a piece of cake even if you have plenty of time to work things out.

Extra Costs

Not keeping a close check on the total costs incurred can totally blow your wedding budget out of proportion. Moreover, you are likely to require the help of a wedding planner or at least an event day coordinator and they are likely to charge quite a handsome amount. On the other hand, all-inclusive party venues offer a comprehensive package and that’s all that you need to pay for. It might seem a lot compared to the cost of renting a dry hire venue, but if you total the expenses for blank canvas weddings, you will be surprised at how economical all-inclusive wedding venues can be.

Risk of Failure

One of the main reasons why all-inclusive wedding venues in London are so popular is that the event is bound to be an entertaining hit. In a dry hire wedding, you bring together different vendors of different industries like food, beverages, decorations, and so on. Owing to the unfamiliarity with the place and with each other, sometimes these workers might not be able to perform to their optimum best. However, all-inclusive wedding venues have a strong team of efficient workers who know their way around the place and can easily deal with any issues that might arise.

Dry Hire or All-Inclusive?

It goes without saying that there’s no definite answer to this question. Whether you should rent a venue only or go for a more comprehensive party plan depends on various factors such as your wedding vision, budget,  style and preference, and so on.

The ultimate way to figure out the answer to this question is to visit a function hall in London that offers both options. Venues that rent out the place only as well as organise the entire event on their own can help you decide which one’s right for you.

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